A Simple Way To Prove God Exists

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whether you believe in one God or several is not the point of this entry. Rather, I want to offer a simple way of proving that there is indeed a God. Let’s say you buy the whole Big Bang Theory, there had to be some container for nothing to exist. Who or what is the container? If everything started from a huge explosion, what held the original “object” that exploded to yield the Big Bang. Even if originally there was nothing in the beginning, there has to be some context, some container to put nothing in.  Who created, defined that container? Who defined the space to hold “nothing”. If matter can not be created or destroyed, then all matter existed in some form or state. This falls in line with Christianity in that God always existed and will always exist. No matter what “logic” you apply, there had to be some context in which things exist. Clearly, God is at hand here.

To get some other perspectives on proving God exists, view this video:

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What or Who Is Access To God About?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Access To God is a place where people who are “new” to the true meaning of Christianity can come and learn, share, discuss various life events without feeling stupid for not knowing the ins and outs of the Bible and the concept of Christianity.

Even if you grew up in a church, which we didn’t, and have been in the church for 40,  50 or more years, we are sure there are still things that you can learn. If not, there is plenty that you can share that can help those of us who are not as wise.

We are not preachers, so we welcome anyone to challenge or correct anything we state incorrectly.

The point is, this is a place of love. For God is love. Where we can all come with our emotional, physical, mental, spiritual baggage and know we are still loved by God the Father.

Proof of God’s undying love is evident in how He chose to sacrifice His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Why? So we, who messed up and continue to mess up things, can be saved and live forever spiritually when we leave this place.

So it is our hope that God will use this blog to reduce confusion or any blockage that stops people from being saved (achieving salvation). It is not our goal to suggest we are perfect, that anyone has to be perfect, or that we know everything. We will make mistakes and will share them as they happen on our journey. And we expect to be corrected. We expect to be imperfect.  But as we grow with this blog and as you hopefully grow with us, we will explore things happening today and find relevant examples in the Bible to show that God loves us no matter what. But that we will be held accountable for our sins. But we can confess them by having conversations with God (a.k.a. prayer). And if we are honest with God and ourselves, and we are saved, then we still will live on  in Heaven spiritually for ever. But it is imperative that we are saved!  Why should we be saved? Because Jesus Christ states in the Bible’s John  14:6

6Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.

And so our Access To God is Jesus Christ. So we are asking, not for our sake, but for your sake, your family’s sake, and yes God the father’s sake that you believe in your heart and confess out loud that Jesus Christ did exist. That Jesus Christ did die on the cross where he took on the burden of sin and sacrificed himself where he rose on the third day to take his place at the right hand throne of God the Father. Believe in your heart that Jesus died to save us all. If you say this and believe it, then you my brother or sister in Christ are saved! This does not mean you have to be perfect. It does not mean you have to attend church. It does not mean you have to pay tithes! Now there are blessings that come in doing those things. But they are not a requirement for you to be a Christian and to gain eternal spiritual life. Understand this. We recommend you check back with this blog as we cover many aspects of the Bible, we cover miracles that happened and that are happening today, and so much more.

So in short, this site is an avenue for us all to get closer to Jesus Christ who is our ONLY Access To God (the Father). We welcome your participation!


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