Do You Know How To Be Saved? Dr. Charles Stanley Explains Salvation

Your salvation is one of the most important (if not THE MOST IMPORTANT) things you must do in this life.

Many are new to the faith walk. Others grew up in church and were forced to go without truly having a relationship with God.

But then life happens. Either through your own hunger for more fulfillment or by God allowing negative experiences to happened to draw you to Him, you long for peace and a deeper relationship with God.

It starts with salvation. But do you know how to be saved? And once you are saved, what are your next steps in life? Well, Dr. Charles Stanley explains, in the video below, what it means to be saved and what you do after you become a saved Christian. Towards the end of the video, Dr. Stanley says the prayer that allows you to be saved.

If you are new to the faith walk and don’t know how to pray, check out this link and video that teaches you a model for prayer. I’ve used it and can tell you it works!

Get saved today my friend. Your eternal spiritual life depends on it!

Walking in love,

Tayarisha Joyce

One thought on “Do You Know How To Be Saved? Dr. Charles Stanley Explains Salvation

  • Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    love your preaching and your tender voice..I have no doubts that if people argue about ‘once saved, always saved’ are ignorant of God’s teaching that THE BLOOD of Jesus Christ is the covering for our sins once and for all as long as we do not take ourselves out from under His wing…by unbelief and life’s awesome problems taking over us.


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