God Meets Our Needs At The Level Of Our Belief

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God is a faithful God. He is a perfect God. If He promised to do something for/to/with us, He will always deliver. His word can not return void.

The key to receiving the blessings that Father God has promised is not only to believe. But we must study His word and share His word with Him as we pray.

Imagine how bad any parent would feel if they promised their kids something but did not deliver on the promise. Now imagine how much worse Father God would feel if He promised us something but did not deliver.

So study God’s word. Meditate on it. You don’t have to memorize it in order to share it back with God. Often I paraphrase what I’ve read back to God when I pray. He knows what I mean. He understands my point. But the point is our faith and strength and wisdom grows when we study His word.

And as we pray we can remind God that based on His word, His promises can not return void according to His will and purpose of His promise.

Isaiah 55:11
11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

My friend, you must study God’s word and share it back with Him in faith, belief, hope, and love. Do this and you shall have those things that you ask. In Jesus name.

Walking in love,

Tayarisha Joyce

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